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Welcome to the help page for Genki Study Resources! You'll find a list of helpful topics below, so please select what best describes your situation.

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About Genki Editions

While this tool is primarily for use with the Second Edition or Third Edition of Genki, it can still be used with the First Edition. Please note however, that some answers may differ between revisions.

When studying Genki, it's recommended that you use the latest edition available at the time of your studies.

About Genki Volume I & II

Lessons 0-12 follow the first volume of Genki, listed as "Genki I". Lessons 13-23 follow the second volume of Genki, listed as "Genki II". This is why the page number references reset after lesson 12, so please make sure to pay attention to the volume used for each lesson.

Genki II is a continuation of Genki I, so it's recommended that you move onto volume II after finishing volume I.