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Settings will not Save/Exercises are Stuck Loading

When using Genki Study Resources offline or embedded on another site, sometimes you may run into an issue where your settings will not save and dark mode is missing. This is usually related to the blocking of third-party cookies, which forces the site to run in limited mode, preventing your settings from being saved and showing the following warning in the web console (F12 or Right Click > Inspect > Console).

limited mode

Formerly, this would also cause exercises to endlessly load, however this has been fixed and should now only occur if javascript is disabled, which only advanced users should know how to do. Thankfully these issues can easily be fixed by adjusting some settings in your browser.

Adjusting Browser Settings

To fix this issue, simply go to settings in your browser and search for cookie related settings, and look for an option that says "Block third-party cookies" or "Only block cross-site cookies" and either change it to "Allow all" or turn it off. This is a common issue with Chromium-based browsers, so it should be easy to fix by following this guide, but regardless, I'll list individual browser instructions for affected browsers below.

Google Chrome and Opera

Go to Settings > Privacy and security > Site Settings > Cookies and site data and turn Block third-party cookies off or select to Allow all cookies.

Microsoft Edge

Go to Settings > Site permissions > Cookies and site data and turn Block third-party cookies off.


Go to Settings > Shields > Cookies and set it to Allow all cookies.

Doing this should now allow your preferences to be saved, such as for dark mode or furigana display.

My Settings are Still not Saving/Exercises are Stuck Loading

If you're still having trouble with settings not being saved or your exercises are endlessly loading, please open a new issue on GitHub, so that we can assist you. Please remember to let us know what browser you're using and if you're using Genki Study Resources online or offline.