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Seth Clydesdale

Greetings and welcome to my Github page, I'm Seth! As a hobby I like to create things, such as web pages, tools, games, and so on.. The majority of stuff I have created over the years has always been free and open source, because I love sharing my creations with others. Feel free to browse some of my featured projects that I've worked on and am currently working on.


  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript (5+ years, self-taught), Lua
  • Customer Support @ Forumotion (3 years, volunteer)
  • Graphic Design (5+ years, self-taught)


  • English, US (Native)
  • Japanese (N5, Currently studying)
  • French (A1, Plan to study)


  • Programming
  • Languages
  • Gaming
  • Anime

Contact Info

Below you'll find a collection of projects that I've created over the years. They range from useful tools to fun distractions!


Forumotion Plugins

  • Forumactif Edge
    A free modern and responsive forum theme for Forumotion forums.
  • Forumactif Messenger
    Instant message application for Forumotion.
  • GIFActif
    Giphy search plugin for Forumotion's editor.
  • FM Design - Plugins
    My old forum which contains a vast collection of plugins and tutorials that I wrote for Forumotion over the years.


  • Tic-Tac-Toe
    A simple game of Tic-Tac-Toe in the browser.
  • Rock Paper Scissors
    A fun little game of rock-paper-scissors.
  • Browser Pong
    A simple game of pong built with HTML, CSS, and JS.
  • Magic 8-ball
    Ask the Magic 8-ball a question, directly in your browser!
  • DOM Blast
    A silly little space ship shooter. I created this when I was first learning web development.

PSOBB Addons

  • Meseta Count
    This addon displays the Meseta you're currently carrying along with an option to set a goal amount.
  • Drop Charts
    This addon provides you with a reference for items that drop from enemies on certain difficulties and for specific Section IDs.
  • MAG Database
    This addon provides you with a database full of information on MAGs, such as feeding charts, evolution conditions, and more.
  • Coordinate Viewer
    A little PSOBB addon that shows your X, Y, and Z coordinates.
  • Ephinea Command List
    This addon is a reference for Ephinea, so that you can view the command list without having to return to the lobby.


  • SlideMenu-JS
    SlideMenu-JS is a constructor for creating side menus in JavaScript with ease.
  • Element.prototype.scrollPercent
    This method is used to calculate the percentage an element has been scrolled vertically and horizontally.
  • Protostring
    ProtoString was a project that aimed to expand upon the methods available in the native String object of JavaScript.
  • Numerological Math
    Small JS lib for simple numerological calculations.


  • Scroll Spider
    Scare the people on your website by having a spider scroll down the page for Halloween.
  • Rainstorm
    Rain in your browser to set your CPU on fire!