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Genki Exercises - 3rd Edition

Welcome to Genki Study Resources! The exercises provided here are for use with Genki: An Integrated Course in Elementary Japanese textbooks (Third Edition) and are meant to help you practice what you have learned in each lesson. Select a lesson from the quick navigation and then the exercise that you want to practice for that lesson to begin testing your knowledge. Happy studying!

Using the 2nd Edition of Genki or looking for an exercise that's not availabale? Click here to use our 2nd Edition resources! (Complete)

Lesson 0: Writing System, Greetings, and Numbers (Genki I: p.20-35)

Read Hiragana and Katakana
Greet people
Read numbers and count

Japanese Writing System (Genki I: p.20-27)

Greetings (Genki I: p.30-34)

Numbers (Genki I: p.35)

Workbook (Genki I Workbook: p.13-15)

Lesson 1: New Friends (Genki I: p.36-55)

Introduce ourselves
Ask and tell people names, majors at school, time, etc.

Workbook (Genki I Workbook: p.16-22)

Reading and Writing: Hiragana (Genki I: p.296-299)

Workbook: Reading and Writing (Genki I Workbook: p.121-127)

Lesson 2: Shopping (Genki I: p.56-81)

Ask and answer how much things cost
Do shopping
Order food in a restaurant

Workbook (Genki I Workbook: p.25-31)

Reading and Writing: Katakana (Genki I: p.300-303)

Workbook: Reading and Writing (Genki I Workbook: p.128-132)

Lesson 3: Making a Date (Genki I: p.82-101)

Talk about daily activities
Extend, accept, and refuse invitations

Workbook (Genki I Workbook: p.32-40)

Reading and Writing: Daily Life (Genki I: p.304-307)

Workbook: Reading and Writing (Genki I Workbook: p.133-134)

Lesson 4: The First Date (Genki I: p.102-127)

Ask and describe where things/people are
Talk about things that happened in the past
Talk about habitual actions in the past

Workbook (Genki I Workbook: p.41-49)

Reading and Writing: Mary's Weekend (Genki I: p.308-311)

Workbook: Reading and Writing (Genki I Workbook: p.135-136)

Lesson 5: A Trip to Okinawa (Genki I: p.128-145)

Talk about travel
Describe people and things
Make offers and invitations
Talk about likes and dislikes

Workbook (Genki I Workbook: p.50-58)

Reading and Writing: Trip (Genki I: p.312-317)

Workbook: Reading and Writing (Genki I Workbook: p.137-138)

Lesson 6: A Day in Robert's Life (Genki I: p.146-165)

Make requests
Ask for and give permission
Talk about rules and regulations
Offer help
Give reasons for doing/not doing something

Workbook (Genki I Workbook: p.59-68)

Reading and Writing: My Favorite Restaurant (Genki I: p.318-323)

Workbook: Reading and Writing (Genki I Workbook: p.139-140)

Lesson 7: Family Picture (Genki I: p.166-185)

Talk about families and friends
Describe how people are dressed and how they look

Workbook (Genki I Workbook: p.69-77)

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Reading and Writing: Mary's Letter (Genki I: p.324-328)

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Workbook: Reading and Writing (Genki I Workbook: p.141-142)

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Appendix (Genki I: p.358-382)

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This section contains helpful tools and resources to aid with your studies, some of which can be used for creating your own custom exercises.