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Wiki Source Editor Help Guide

This page will walk you through the basics of using Wiki Source Editor. Use the list below to jump to a particular section.

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Getting a Wiki

To begin viewing and editing a Github wiki's source, we first need to get its pages. (1)This can be done by entering the URL to the repository or wiki in the input field. (2)Once you've entered the URL to the repository, you can click the Get button to retrieve the wiki. You'll be taken to the Select a Page section when the wiki has been retrieved.

get example

(3)If you can't think of a repository and need some inspiration, click the Surprise me button. Doing so will retrieve a random wiki from the Github showcases. Who knows? Maybe you'll find something interesting!

Selecting a Page

You'll automatically be taken to the Select a Page section when a wiki has been retrieved, allowing you to choose a page to view and edit. (1)Use the input field to narrow down the results, so you can find the page you're looking for faster. (2)Once you find a page to edit, click it and you'll be taken to the View, Edit, and Share section.

select example

(3)You can click the Back button at any time to go back and get another wiki. (4)Click the Copy URL button to copy the link to your wiki's pages. You can use this link to return to where you were or share it with others so they can quickly get your wiki's pages for editing.

Editing the Source Code

After clicking on a page, you'll be taken to the editor. (1)Here you'll be able to view and edit the markdown of the current wiki page. (2)Click the links in the upper right-hand-corner of the editor at anytime, if you want to view the raw source, current state, or history of the wiki page you're editing.

edit example

(3)Click the Back button if you want to go back and choose a different page. (4)Click the View Diff button to compare the original wiki source with your modified source. Doing so will allow you to review the raw and rendered changes. (See below image) (5)When you're ready to share your changes, click the Copy URL button to retrieve your share link. You can use this link to propose changes or keep for later.

diff example

The View Diff button was mentioned in the previous paragraph ; this is a brief continuation to explain the Difference section. (6)The difference between the original and modified wiki source will be shown here. Additions are green, deletions are red, and additions + deletions are yellow, similar to Github. (7)Click the Raw and Rendered buttons to switch between viewing the raw and rendered differences. (5)If you want your share link to automatically view the difference, remember to click View Diff BEFORE Copy URL.

Sharing Changes

Wiki Source Editor allows you to share your changes with others, so that you can collaborate on a wiki even if you're not a collaborator. You may have noticed the Copy URL button present in a few sections. This button allows you to copy a Share link, which when visited, returns you or the user who clicked it to where you last were.

There are currently 2 Copy URL buttons that you can use. The first is for Select a Page, the copied link will take you to the page list for the selected wiki. See the example link below.

The second is for the View, Edit, and Share section. The share links copied here vary on your changes to the original source, but the main purpose is for SHARING changes. Visting this copied link will take you to view the changes made to the wiki's original source. See the example link below.

Utilize these buttons whenever you want to share a direct link to a wiki's pages or your changes.