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ツール - カスタム単語の練習

Welcome to the custom vocabulary practice tool! Here you will be able to setup your own set of words to practice. First insert a couple of words you want to practice. Once you've got your word list setup, click the "Study" button to begin practicing your custom vocabulary.

Vocabulary list

Custom Vocabulary Code (JSON)

The custom vocabulary code is used to save your created vocabulary list. You can save this code to a text file for later, so you don't have to recreate your custom vocab. When you're ready to study your vocab again, just load the file or drag and drop it into this textarea and click "study" to continue where you left off.

Help, Notes, and Tips

word/kanji: a Japanese word or kanji; the word to be matched to.
furigana: a textual aid for kanji; write the kana for a kanji or romaji for kana here, if necessary.
definition/kana: an equivalent definition in another language (i.e. English) or the kana reading for a kanji; the draggable word to be matched to the word/kanji.
sentence: an example sentence to help you further memorize the word in multiple choice exercises. You can show the sentence fields by ticking the "Show sentence fields" option.
+: add a word
-: remove a word

Custom Vocabulary Code: If you're familiar with JSON, you can edit the vocabulary code, too. Here's a few tips:
1. The syntax for a vocabulary item is "{WORD/KANJI}|{FURIGANA}":"{DEFINITION/KANA}|{SENTENCE}", with furigana and sentence being optional.
2. If using no furigana or sentences, simply remove the horizontal bars. It should be removed automatically if using the textarea above.
3. Please note that trailing commas will throw a syntax error, so simply delete the trailing comma and the vocabulary list will be updated.