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ツール - カスタムスペリングの練習

Welcome to the custom spelling practice tool! Here you will be able to setup a list of words that you can practice spelling. First insert a couple of words you want to practice spelling. Once you've got your word list setup, click the "Study" button to begin practicing.

Spelling Practice Settings

Custom Spelling Code (JSON)

The custom spelling code is used to save your spelling practice list. You can save this code to a text file for later, so you don't have to setup your list again. When you're ready to study once more, just load the file or drag and drop it into this textarea and click "study" to continue where you left off.

Help, Notes, and Tips

word/kanji: the word or kanji you want to practice spelling.
furigana: a textual aid for kanji; write the kana for a kanji or romaji for kana here, if necessary.
columns: a number that defines the amount of columns for each word; how many times each word should be written.
+: add a word
-: remove a word

Custom Spelling Code: If you're familiar with JSON, you can edit the code, too. Here's a few tips:
1. The syntax for a spelling item is "{WORD/KANJI}":"{FURIGANA}", with furigana being optional.
2. If using no furigana, simply leave the string blank.
3. Please note that trailing commas will throw a syntax error, so simply delete the trailing comma and the list will be updated.