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ツール - カスタムテスト

Welcome to the custom quiz tool! Here you will be able to setup your own custom quiz for testing yourself on points you want to memorize or improve. Start setting up your quiz using the tools below, then once you're ready to test yourself, click the "Study" button to begin your quiz.

Quiz Settings

Custom Quiz Code (JSON)

The custom quiz code is used to save your quiz. You can save this code to a text file for later, so you don't have to setup your quiz again. When you're ready to study once more, just load the file or drag and drop it into this textarea and click "study" to continue where you left off.

Help, Notes, and Tips

question: the question to be answered. If required, HTML can be used for formatting questions.
answer: the correct or incorrect answers to the question. Use the checkbox to mark an answer as the correct answer (multiple correct answers are allowed); leave incorrect answers unchecked.
+: add question/answer
-: remove a question/answer

Custom Quiz Code: If you're familiar with JSON, you can edit the code, too. Here's a few tips:
1. The syntax for a question is {"question":"{QUESTION}","answers":["{ANSWER1}","{ANSWER2}","{ETC..}"]}
2. Correct answers should be prefixed with "A" (ex. "answers":["Aありがとう"]), incorrect answers are left as is.
3. If an incorrect answer begins with "A", you can exclude it from being mistaken as a correct answer by prefixing it with "!" (ex. "answers":["!Arigatou"]).
4. Please note that trailing commas will throw a syntax error, so simply delete the trailing comma and the list will be updated.