Tobira Study Resources

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Tobira Study Resources was created to aid with self-study, as such you can download it and use it offline anywhere. To download Tobira Study Resources for offline use, simply click the download link below to get the latest version from the GitHub repository.

Please see the section below about using the offline version.

Using the Offline Version

If you're using the offline version you'll have to unzip the files. Once you've done that, you can access all the study resources by opening any of the index.html files in the browser of your choice. It should have the same experience as the online version, however, whenever new exercises/lessons are added they will not be available; you'll have to download the latest version of the repository to get them. You can keep up with any changes made by checking the recent commits to the repository here.

If Icons are Broken: If you use Firefox and icons appear broken, then please see this topic to resolve the issue.

If Exercises will not Load: If exercises are stuck endlessly loading, please see this topic for resolving the issue.

Help and Bugs

If you have any issues using Tobira Study Resources offline (or online), feel free to let us know by opening a new issue on GitHub. You can find more information about doing so via the report page.